Are you considering putting up a privacy fence on your property?  You will want to consider building a fence that is both useful and durable when it comes to providing privacy. For many reasons, vinyl is continuously becoming a more popular choice when it comes to choosing a privacy fence.

At Direct Fence NJ, we offer high quality vinyl fence materials and services. All our materials are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Two distinct warranties come with your purchase and installation, the product itself and the installation.  If you install the fence yourself, only the product warranty applies.

So the question still remains, why is vinyl such a great choice for a durable privacy fence? Here are a few reasons why and some tips for choosing various styles of vinyl.

Color Options

Over the years the color selection for vinyl fencing was limited. The only colors available were white or other lighter shades for fence installation. For aesthetic reasons, people often went in other directions for a new fence. However, this is not a concern in today’s world. Modern technology allows for a vast array of vinyl color choices. We can offer stand colors from white to slate gray, to more color varieties and textures in our Timberland series. Some of these varieties include coastal cedar, dark sequoia, dark walnut, textured driftwood, and weathered aspen. These colors will not chalk, face or buckle in  extreme weather. If you are looking for a durable privacy fence that will blend in with the surrounding of your home, vinyl is the perfect choice.

UV Protection & Durability

Vinyl contains UV blockers that protect the fence from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Your new vinyl fence will never experience any temperature-related problems like warping or buckling. They will be able to withstand Utah’s extreme weather year after year, continuing to look brand new.

In addition to UV protection, vinyl is also manufactured with other protective qualities. They offer built in impact inhibitors- this helps them withstand any significant impact and high winds. This will ensure your fence will stay standing for years to come.

Variety of Height Options

Another important feature of any privacy fence is its height. When it comes to vinyl, there are no height limitations here. Our height options range from four feet to eight feet high allowing you to choose the perfect height for your fence. Our team can help you choose the proper height for protection and privacy, based on your needs. Before you start planning your privacy fence, you’ll want to check on the local fence regulations. Your city’s regulations may limit the height of your fence, so it’s good to check before you purchase anything.

Rely On Vinyl Fence Connection For Your Next Privacy Fence Installation

For more information on why vinyl is such a great choice for a privacy fence, give us a call. You can speak with a fencing contractor or one of our staff, to find the best fence option for you.