Once upon a time, white picket fences were your only option, but fence builders have come a long way in terms of materials, creativity, and design. More than ever, a standout style is seen as just as important as the practical benefits, and these interesting fence ideas will provide both.  Vinyl fencing is low-maintenance, privacy fencing with security and seclusion. Below we will go more into detail about NJ vinyl fence installation

NJ Vinyl Fence Installation

While the beauty and convenience of a low-maintenance PVC fence is optimal, the element of property delineation is important for many residents in the New Jersey region. A PVC fence is the demarcation between yours and your neighbors’ property line.  However, before you begin the process of a residential vinyl fence installation, be sure to verify the boundaries of your property.  At Direct Fence, we will help you acquire the local permits required and inform you of any additional regulations enforced by zoning and HOA rules.  With various options available, designing a PVC fence for your property is the fun part.

Vinyl privacy fences:

Vinyl privacy fences are one of the most common PVC fence styles that we install for our clients due to their added security.  Choosing a vinyl privacy fence can potentially save you money on your homeowner’s insurance premium.  The lower monthly cost is in response to the lower vandalism and burglary claims submitted by homeowners with a privacy fence.  In other words, your vinyl privacy fence installation will eventually pay for itself!

In addition to security, privacy is a major factor for customers choosing a vinyl privacy fence. We hope you love your neighbors, but sometimes you want to forget they exist, especially when you are hosting a gathering for family and friends.  If you have a pool, a PVC fence built with privacy in mind is a must.  Contact us at Direct Fence today to learn more about our vinyl privacy fence options!  If nothing about your outdoor décor is ordinary, there’s no reason to compromise now.

Match the current look of your backyard with the added benefit of privacy and definitive property spacing.  From the height of your fence to the color and the type of vinyl privacy fence panels used, you can completely block the view of your backyard.  From total privacy to the safety of your kids and pets, there are countless practical reasons that make getting a new fence absolutely essential.

Vinyl Fence Installation in NJTwo-tone privacy fence:

The two-tone privacy fence provides exceptional backyard privacy as well as contemporary style that distinguishes your outdoor décor.  These two-tone vinyl privacy fences feature one color for the frame and a contrasting color for the privacy panels.  In many cases, this contrast creates a more eye-catching look than a single color can!

Split rail vinyl:

You might associate split rail fences like these with a countryside farm or cabin on the prairie, but they can be an excellent addition in your own backyard.  Just because the originals were cobbled together with timbers doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the simple maintenance requirements of vinyl.  These unique split rail fences feature a range of different looks, from classic white vinyl to a faux-wooden look!

Cedar faux lumber:

While faux lumber may be a great option for some, the homeowners who prefer this interesting fence idea love the inherent rustic beauty of real wood.  Cedar is one of the most durable types of wood.  Its natural oils help repel insects and resist rot.  If installed properly, it can withstand snow, high winds, heavy rains and sunlight.  A cedar fence can also act as a sound barrier.  Vinyl fencing can stand up to pests, decay and fungus but is sensitive to extreme temperatures.  Extreme heat and harsh cold can cause vinyl to expand, bend or become brittle.  High wind can cause the fence to twist and call for repair.  Repairing a vinyl fence can be expensive.  Unlike a cedar fence, you cannot remove a single post for repair.  Typically, an entire panel or section of the vinyl fence has to be removed to make repairs.  Cedar faux lumber fence is certainly one of the most unique, style-forward ways to bring wooden fencing to your backyard.

Ornate vinyl fencing:

There’s no question that our two-tone options stand out as interesting fences, but that is just the beginning. For a show-stopping privacy fence, you need to see our ornate vinyl fences.  Not only do these fences have the two-tone color contrast, but they’re also accessorized with an ornamental top rail.  This can look like exposed spears, a little top, or even decorative aluminum bars.  With all of the different color and style options, for many people, this represents the ultimate unique fence.

Vinyl Fence Installation:

Chances are you’re committed to having a visually interesting fence accompanying your backyard.  We’d never say that outdoor style isn’t a priority, you just want to balance it with low-maintenance benefits.  Both vinyl and aluminum fences are smart choices because both of these materials are extremely easy to own.  For example, neither aluminum nor vinyl fences will ever require re-painting, re-staining, or mold removal. However, for the vast majority of wooden fences will require regularly maintaining a solid coat of paint or stain in order to prevent rot and mold.  In addition, even with the best maintenance in the world, a wooden fence won’t be able to match the lifespan of either vinyl or aluminum which easily exceeds 50 years.  Bottom line, you can absolutely find unique vinyl fences that will complement the look of your backyard.

Looking for a Great Company for Vinyl Fence Installation in NJ?

If you need a professional NJ fence installation company, Direct Fence is here to take care of you. Our years of experience in the fence business have helped us create a fence installation process that is truly second-to-none. From small residential fences to large commercial fencing, we provide superior fence installation. We provide fence installation services in the area of new construction homes, existing homes, condominium/apartment complexes, commercial/office buildings and development/perimeters. We specialize in installing vinyl fencing, wood fencing, aluminum fencing, chain link fencing, and more! Our fence installations are done by seasoned professional contractors. We serve much of NJ including North Jersey, South Jersey, and the Jersey Shore areas, as well as Staten Island. New Jersey service counties include: Bergen County, Essex County, Morris County, and more! For more information or to receive a free quote, give Direct Fence a call or fill out our contact form.

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