When it comes time to choose a quality fence, it is important to keep in mind which fence will give you the most for your money and require the least amount of maintenance. Out of all types of fences you could pick a wood fence will demand the most maintenance and can end up being the most expensive. A Wood fence needs to be treated, stained or painted on a regular basis. On average, to maintain a wood fence, an owner can expect to stain or paint their fence every few years.  A wood fence that is exposed to the elements will slowly rot over time; decreasing the stability and life span of the fence. 

Why A Vinyl fence?

They Are Nearly Maintenance Free

A vinyl fence requires far less maintenance than a wood fence. Vinyl will not blister, peel, splinter, warp, or rot like wood. In addition, vinyl never needs to be sanded, stained or painted. Vinyl fence and railing products are designed to be easy to clean and low-maintenance. Since the products are manufactured to be outdoors, it is expected that they will experience exposure to the elements that may require some simple maintenance. To keep it looking its best, all a vinyl fence will need is an occasional washing with a garden hose.

Advanced Styles, Colors & Textures

Vinyl Fence Connection leads the Utah vinyl fence industry with the widest array of fencing styles, textures and colors. Our solid privacy white or tan fence offers privacy as well as beauty to any yard. Our authentic ranch rail weathered aspen offers wood grain textures and colors to recreate the look of natural wood fence. We also offer a clay post & rail fence that has a textured driftwood infill. It adds beauty and sophistication.

Offer Greater Flexibility & Strength

Vinyl fencing is up to five times stronger and four times more flexible than wood. This allows the fence to absorb any impact from the wind, tree limbs or the occasional lawn mower.  Our Vinyl fence offers a reinforced bottom rail for a stronger fence, reducing the chances of bowing or sagging.

Vinyl Provides Fade Protection

Over time, a stained or painted wood fence will often peel, chip, and the color will fade. With a vinyl fence, the color is designed to last for decades and provides a superior protection from the sun. Any product exposed to UV light will uniformly and gradually shift in color over time. It is expected that your vinyl fence will do the same. The overall changes should be minor and meet the industry standards established. Anything to the contrary is covered in the warranty.

Vinyl Comes With Concealed Fasteners

A Vinyl fence features concealed fasteners for a more clean finish. A Wood fence is installed with unsightly nails that will weather when exposed to the elements. Overtime, they will eventually come loose and cause the fence to deteriorate.

Routed Rails & Fence Posts

The precision-routed fence posts of a vinyl fence offer easy assembly and a more secure connection than wood. This allows movement for thermal expansion year after year.

Rely On The Top Vinyl Fence Company

If you need a professional vinyl fence installation, Direct Fence ‘is here to take care of you. Our years of experience in the vinyl fence business have helped us create a fence installation process that is truly second-to-none. From small residential fences to large commercial fencing, we provide superior fence installation. We provide fence installation services in the area of new construction homes, existing homes, condominium/apartment complexes, commercial/office buildings and development/perimeters. Our fence installations are done by seasoned professional contractors. For more information or to receive a free quote, give Direct Fence a call or fill out our contact form.

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