Building a fence is not always as simple as you would think. It is much more than buying materials, reading a DIY guide and putting stakes in the ground. It takes a lot of planning, coordinating and having the right tools. If you have a certain budget, you will also have to shop around for the best prices. The process can be timely and to avoid any setbacks, it’s good to have all your questions answered.

 Before starting a fence project, here are a few important questions to consider:

1. What Does Building Code Allow?

Each city has their own specific building codes. The city you live in may require you to get a permit to build a fence. These regulations generally won’t prohibit fencing, but they will however, limit your fence height. This generally pertains to the front yard or if there is a driveway next to your fence. Be sure to check with the building permit office if you want to build a higher fence for security or privacy reasons.

2. Where Is Your Property Line?

You’ll need to know where your property begins and ends. Whether you think you know or not, it’s better to be sure and have a survey done before you start building a fence. It’s definitely worth the money, especially if it will prevent you from having to tear down the fence due to a property line dispute.

3. What Benefits Do I Want My Fence To Provide?

Before you spend any time and money, you need to decide what you want from building a new fence. What is your main reason for building a fence: Privacy? Beauty? Security? Or do you want it all? Once you have identified what goal you are working towards, this will help you select your materials, and your overall project design. Whatever your goal is, Direct Fence Distributors can help you make it happen.

4. Have You Talked To Your Neighbors About Building A Fence?

Part of being a good neighbor is letting them know if you are building a fence, especially if you share a property line. They may want to talk to you about details regarding the property line or moving plants before you build. You never know, your neighbor may even offer to share the fence costs. It could be beneficial to you both if you have a conversation about building a new fence.

5. How Much Maintenance Do You Want?

You’ll want to consider what level of maintenance you are willing to commit to before you buy any fencing material. A wood fence will require regular staining and painting to protect it from the weather, while a vinyl fence will only require a quick rinse every so often to remove dirt-no painting is required. In addition to the original purchase, you’ll want to decide how much time and money you are willing to invest in keeping your fence maintained.

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